How to make healthy and tasty food- Secret behind Subbayya hotel food

August 3 2018



"Your diet is a bank account, Good food choices are good investments"- Bethenny Frankel

Subbayya hotel has a great history with legendary visitors from former prime minister Sri P.V. Narasimha Rao, former Andhra Pradesh CM Sri N.T.Ramarao, Balayogi to present finance minister of Andhra Pradesh Sri Yanamala Ramakrishnudu.

Once Sri N.T.Ramarao visited Kakinada and went Subbayya hotel to have lunch, He was mesmerized with the taste of feast in Subbayya hotel and asked Subbayya about his secret mantra.

"NTR:Subbayya garu intha ruchiga bhojanam vandi godavari maryadalatho vandichadam meke chelluthundi sumandi. Inthaki a vantaloni rahasyam entandi? Subbayya: Ayya chala santhosham andi meru aduguthunnaru kabatti chepthunnanu"

we have special Bandis (Vessel) for each and every recipe, cleanliness and our zeal to serve you tasty food are the key ingredients for the best taste.

Our cooking style:- "Your health is our key priority." cooking rice:

we are using copper and bronze vessels for cooking rice and after covering the tip with folded cloth replace the lid and set aside. The towel will absorb excess moisture and condensation, helping prevent overcooked and mushy rice. As you all know cooking in copper and bronze vessels gives more health benefits.


We are using coconut leaves thatch and banana leaves and fresh clothes for mixing pulihora with all Indian spices and grams. coconut and banana leaves contain 3 phenol rings and have very strong antioxidant properties and help to reduce our modern life stress.

Garelu and special masala recipes:

"vinte Bharatham vinali thinte roti garelu tinali"​​​​​​​

we are using different sizes of mortar-pestles(Rubburolu, Kalavam), Sil Batta, Stone pot( Kal chetti) for preparing "Gari batters and masalas", coconut scraper for coconut chutney. These special items made our recipes very tasty and healthy.

Subbayya hotel chefs mixing their love and deep affection in every recipe to give smile to every food-taker.

NTR was happy and pleased with Subbayya's answer and finished his lunch and blessed "Annadatha sukhebhava"

So we are very concern about the taste and health of our food-takers.

In terms of quality measurements, SubbayyaGari Hotel stands in fresh and natural ingredients that create our unique branding for our hotel.

Hey, are you coming to take a morsel? we are going to Subbayya hotel for lunch come and join us.

Subbayya hotel- confuses whether you are in Home or in the hotel.

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